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Then and Now by Teengirl
Then and Now
Sorry couldn't help myself i love this adorkable nerd!

Joseph's back story and personality is not 100% consistent with the canon Medic's. 


Joseph didn't hijack the catering van so doesn't have a flock of doves, just Archimedes.

He encountered Archimedes as a hatchling fallen from his nest on a stormy spring day as he was being forced out of his hometown of Rottenberg after the incident that lost him his medical licence. (yes he did remove the skeleton of his patient, though the guy did deserve it)

He raised the young bird which he would later come to learn was a dove as his feathers whitened. However even now days as an adult Archimedes is flustered by storms often choosing to huddle up to Joseph when the storms outside get really bad.
Jump on My Shoulders by Teengirl
Jump on My Shoulders
No matter what life throws at you you know you can always count on friends to have your back.

inspired by the song with the same name by Awolnation

Been playing TF2 Lately with my sis, BF and friends and we drew out our characters, each of us using our 2 favorite classes

Mine are the BLU Medic and Soldier

My medic is called Joseph
My Soldier is called Jane 

the red medic is called Dominik and belongs to my friend
the fem scout belongs to my sister however has not yet named her
the Pyro belongs to my Boyfriend (again no name yet)

also Blegh i can't draw weapons XP

also let me know if you want to see more of Joseph and Jane here on DA

or see more art from me on my tumblr…
Whats the meaning of this! by Teengirl
Whats the meaning of this!
"Aw Shoot sugar we won't tell"

there was a sigh of relief from Danny "thanks" With that Danny changed back to earth pony.

"also i would much appreciate it if you could keep my status of alicorn Quiet for now, i'd rather not draw too much attention to myself unless necessary"  

"it's cool, pity that creep got away though" Rainbow piped up

"we'll get him later"

"perhaps we should head back now, the others will be waiting for us"

They all nodded at that and with a little effort they were able to make a path back down the mountain and back to Ponyville, with a sigh they returned to the library to find Twilight, rarity, Jazz and Danny's Parents already back*
"you took your time, find anything Darling?" Rarity asked
"ah think we found a bit more than we could Chew, one of them ghosts was up there but gotta way" Applejack replied.
"yeh i mean there were flying rocks and cliffs and Mmff!" "ah think they got the picture honey" Applejack said with a hoof over Pinkies mouth.

At that moment Twilight came back in the room with a concerned look on her face, "Guys i just got a letter"

"What did Celestia say?" Rarity asked

"thats just it, it wasn't was Luna who sent the letter, she's really Worried and urgently needs to see all of us....Tonight!"

"well, whatta we waiting for, the sun'll be settin soon, we should head out now"

"Agreed, lets go!"

Everyone rushed for the next train to canterlot, the trip feeling longer then normal and anticipation strong in the air watching as the sun began to set and the Moon rise high into the night sky.

As the train pulled up in canterlot the group quickly made their way to the castle where they were greeted by Luna's Guards and escorted the the throne room where they were to meet with Luna.

Upon entering Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Maddie and Jack simply looked around in awe of just how big the room was, it was then Luna stepped into the room to greet them a look of concern clear on her face.

"I'm glad you could all make it on such short notice, i wouldn't have asked you all to come out here so quickly if i had not the reason"

"whats happening?" Twilight asked

"It's...Celestia....i'm worried about her, ever since that strange adviser came to her she's been acting strangely...she's not herself and she won't talk to me now......" she turned to Clockwork "i'm worried she'll do something she'll greatly regret and i'm sure that advisers behind it....there was something....wrong about him...."

"going behind my back now dear sister?"

Everyone turned to see the sun princess at the archway but to Luna that worry was only intensified as a sight all too familiar stood before her, her fur starting to darken, her mane and tail starting to burn and bright red slitted eyes focused on the group.

"dear sister whats happening to you..."


Welp...i'm gonna leave that drama bomb there for you all, things are starting to pick up.

sequel to  <da:thumb id="508665162">


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going to next years subby and stuff

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I'm sooo Sorry for being away for several months, i've been very busy and stressed these past months and lost motivation to draw XP

I'm back now and hopefully that means this mini haitus is over and i can get back to drawing again.

to celebrate i've just finished the next part to the DP pony tale and more should be on their way soon :)
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Is Insane
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